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The St. James Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Center was founded in 1988 in a 1000 sq. foot location shared with an orthopedics provider. Four years later, St. James Rehab moved into facilities at 894 St. James Street. With the uncertainty raised by the proposed extension of St. Matthews Avenue, and the extensive road-work on St. James Street, in November 2014, the clinic moved into its present location at 1601A Silver Avenue - two blocks west of Scotiabank Theatre, Polo Park.

The clinic was founded on the premise of providing quality effective physiotherapy service to all. Now, 30+ years later, the clinic continues to offer advanced physiotherapy treatment, including laser therapy, manual therapies and orthotics.

The clinic is equipped with state of the art equipment to provide services for injuries as a result of Motor Vehicle Accidents, Industrial Accidents, and Sports or Recreational problems. The clinic is also equipped to deal with Degenerative Joint and Spine problems as well as post-operative procedures. The clinic offers Laser Therapy and Sling Therapy to assist in treatment. We have also added Vibration therapy platforms and an Inversion Table to compliment other therapies. The clinic has the resources to meet your physiotherapy needs.

A St. James Rehab treatment room.

The clinic provides comprehensive services:

Treatment specialties include treatment for sports injury and foot disorders. Also available at St. James Rehabilitation are: reconditioning programs; individual gym workouts; work reconditioning / hardening programs to assist in establishing patients back at work; Sling Therapy, and Sports massage and weight training programs.

Our programs on total body reconditioning focus differs from our physiotherapy and athletic therapy programs. Reconditioning programs focus on cardiovascular ability, core strength / stability, upper and lower strength and endurance. Claimants' programs are designed with job specificity in mind and include work simulated activities such as pushing and pulling, stair climbing, lifting and carrying, sustained postures, etc.

These programs are of 4-8 weeks duration with the client attending the clinic 4 days a week for 2-3 hours a day.

In addition to the services described above, the clinic provides Orthopedic splints i.e. Wrist supports, tennis elbow straps, etc. The clinic also provides custom made Orthotics, provided by Foot Maxx Ltd, through a computerized gait analysis.

Brian Kushner, BPT, MCPA

Brian Kushner, BPT

My initial university education resulted in a Physical Education degree from Lakehead University, providing me with skills in managing exercise programs and strength development. I followed this up with a degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Manitoba. My career in physiotherapy began in 1970 with a 13-year stint at the Misrecordia General Hospital, first as a staff physiotherapist, and later as Assistant Supervisor of Physiotherapy.

After opening the St. James Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Centre in 1988, I have continued my education, studying Myofascial Release; Vertebral and Extremity Mobilization techniques; Laser Therapy; and, further development of skills in Foot Assessment and Orthotics.

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